Happy Birthday, Bob Fosse!

Today we’re celebrating the birthday of choreographer Bob Fosse. Check out this great performance from Fosse’s second film, Cabaret (1972), which starred Liza Minnelli as an American nightclub performer in Berlin when the Nazis come to power.

Cabaret is regarded as a landmark in the history of Hollywood musicals. Fosse was determined to set the action in the “real world” of Berlin in the 1930s, so he eliminated the stage convention in which characters sing in the course of their daily lives; here, the singing is “realistic” and occurs only in the context of the cabaret or beer garden.

The film won eight Oscars, including one for Fosse as best director, in 1973. That same year, he won two Tony awards as best director and best choreographer for the musical Pippin, as well as three Emmy awards for his direction, choreography, and production of the television special Liza With a Z. No other director has won the “Triple Crown” (Oscar, Tony, and Emmy awards) in the same year.

Bob Fosse will be featured on the Innovative Choreographers stamps, which will be issued July 28 in Los Angeles, California. We can’t wait! For more information about the stamps, visit Beyond the Perf.

José Ferrer To Be Honored in 2012

In 2012, José Ferrer, one of our country’s most versatile and honored actors, will be the 14th luminary celebrated in the U.S. Postal Service’s Distinguished Americans series.

Critics and peers alike lauded Ferrer as one of the most accomplished talents of his generation. Ferrer was not only a highly acclaimed actor, but also a director, writer, musician, and producer. During his long career he garnered many accolades that testified to the depth and quality of his work, including several Tony Awards for his achievements on stage. His film appearances resulted in three Academy Award nominations, including one for what is arguably his most famous role—the swashbuckling poet Cyrano de Bergerac—for which he won a Best Actor Oscar, the first for a Latino.

The stamp shows Ferrer at the height of his fame, his elegant and timeless look captured in an oil-on-canvas portrait created by Daniel Adel. Antonio Alcalá was the art director.

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