Clare LaVergne

Clare LaVergne

Favorite stamp:
The Masterworks of American Architecture pane issued in 2005. I’ve always found the shapes of buildings really fascinating.

Three things I always have with me:
Phone, chapstick, and my grandmother’s wedding ring.

Favorite way to spend my spare time:
Reading, writing, and walking around the city.

The last book I read:
Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

One thing I can’t live without:
Coffee—the first cup every morning keeps me going.

My favorite place in the United States:
The Massachusetts Avenue bridge spanning the Charles River in between Boston and Cambridge in Massachusetts. I’ve spent hours standing there staring at the city skyline.

The best meal I ever had:
Anything my mom makes. It’s all delicious comfort food.

Life motto:
Follow your passion and keep an open mind.

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