Stamps Currently for Sale

Wondering which of our stamps you can still buy? Can’t find the ones you’re looking for at your local post office? Here’s a list of all the stamps the Postal Service has available for purchase. (Click the images for more information on purchasing.)

First-Class Mail Forever® Stamps



First-Class Mail Stamps


Definitive Stamps



International Rate Stamps



Priority Mail® Stamps

Arlington Green Bridge (click to order)   


Express Mail® Stamps

Grand Central Terminal (click to order)   

4 thoughts on “Stamps Currently for Sale

  1. I sure wish you would bring back the Birthday stamp. I always got comments when it was used for family birthdays. They thought it was neat/cool!

  2. Is there a stamp to honor the contribution of America’s coal miners? Seems its LONNNNNNNG overdue if not.

  3. Would be better if you showed all the stamps to the same scale.
    And even better if you showed ALL the stamps rather than one from a set – if nothing else it would demonstrate the huge range of designs.

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