Mary Stephanos

Mary Stephanos

Favorite stamp:
My favorite stamp features a black-and-white photograph of designer Ray Eames holding a Christmas ornament over her husband’s head. The stamp is from the 2010 Charles + Ray Eames stamp pane, and it always makes me smile. I love how joyful they look.

Three things I always have with me:
iPod (I’m a music junkie), notepad & pen (I’m a note-taking/ideas jotting/list-making fool), the book I’m currently reading.

Favorite way to spend my spare time:
Reading books of all kinds, hiking, listening to music.

The last book I read:
The Swerve by Stephen Greenblatt

One thing I can’t live without:
I can live without just about everything, though I like to have a good book with me at all times.

My favorite place in the United States:
I can’t get enough of the desert Southwest.

The best meal I ever had:
My husband’s fish tacos are the best thing I’ve ever eaten anywhere, though every meal we have at the home of our Turkish friends is a very close second.

Life motto:
Be yourself and good things will follow.

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