Add Some “Stars” to Your Collection

PatrioticStar-single-slideshowThe 46-cent Patriotic Star stamp—which is designed to look like it is crafted from striped ribbon—is just the latest in a line of stamps to feature the five-pointed star. Here are five others you may want to add to your collection.

The 50-Star Runway Air Mail stamp was released in 1968 and featured a rectangular array of white stars on a red background. Three years later, USPS issued a stamp in anticipation of the 1976 Bicentennial celebration. It featured the Bicentennial logo: a red, white, and blue star.

1968 1971 pairThe USA Circle of Stars stamp (1981) and the 2002 Graphic Star stamp also featured the five-pointed star. And we can’t forget the lovely little Patriotic Quill and Inkwell stamp issued in 2011.

1981 2002 2011 groupThe Patriotic Star stamp was issued March 19, 2013, as a First-Class Rate Large Coil stamp. It is currently available online and in Post Offices around the country.

This striking First Day Cover features an affixed Patriotic Star stamp and an official First Day of Issue color postmark. Click the image for details.

What are the “stars” in your collection?