Old Glory Waves Year-round on New 2013 Stamps

Here’s your first look at A Flag for All Seasons, a set of four Forever® stamps that show Old Glory waving proudly throughout the year against a backdrop of trees. The stamps will be released later this year,

FlagsSeasons-2013-Forever-block4-BGv2The stamp art, gouache on illustration board, is the work of Laura Stutzman, who used personal photographs of the flag as art reference. The seasons are reflected in the colors of the leaves on the trees or, in the case of the flag in winter, the lack of leaves on the background trees. Stutzman’s previous project for USPS was the Flags 24/7 issuance in 2008.

That’s it for the 2013 stamp reveals for this week. We’ll pick up again next week!

Happy Birthday, Alabama!

Whew! December was a popular month for new states. On this day in 1819, Alabama became the 22nd state.

The Alabama state flag has a white field with a crimson St. Andrew’s cross. Snapshot art shows a shrimp boat trailed by birds.

This stamp was issued in 2008 as part of Set 1 of the Flags of Our Nation stamp series. Need to complete our collection? You can still purchase Set 1 online.

Native American Heritage Month: Indian Peace Flag

The American government often presented the Stars and Stripes to friendly Indian nations. These “Indian Peace Flags” displayed the U.S. coat of arms and usually accompanied other gifts, including medals with the words “peace and friendship.”

This stamp was one of 20 Stars and Stripes stamps issued in 2000.