A Garfield Anniversary

Garfield first waddled onto the comics page on June 19, 1978. (Were you around then? What did you think?) Creator Jim Davis initially wanted to focus the strip on Jon Arbuckle, an awkward bachelor with terrible taste in clothes and no luck with women. But he soon realized that Garfield was the star.

Lazy, fat, self-centered, and cynical, Garfield makes no apologies for his lifestyle, choosing to sleep all morning and eat all afternoon without guilt or shame (love it!). Despite his sarcastic personality, this crabby tabby does have a soft side, which he shows to no one but his own huggable teddy bear, Pooky.

You can read more about the Sunday Funnies stamps, issued in 2010 in Columbus, Ohio, on Beyond the Perf.

Some trivia for your Tuesday: Garfield isn’t the only comic cat to have appeared on a stamp. Can you name any others?