Patriotic Forever® Stamped Envelope Coming in 2013

Let the red, white, and blue fly with a new stamped envelope for 2013. If you’ve never used a stamped envelope before, it’s a handy invention consisting of an envelope with the stamp art printed right on the paper. Tuck a few in your briefcase or purse, and you’ll never be without a quick way to mail a letter!

FolkArtEagle-2013-Forever-envelope-TC-BGv1This stamped envelope features a photograph of a carved American eagle wall plaque. The carver is unknown, though the plaque is reminiscent of John H. Bellamy’s style. The eagle is carrying two United States flags and a shield. The original pine carving is 30 inches tall and 38 inches wide, and probably came from coastal New England. It is finished with red, white, and blue paint and appears to have the original gilding. This photograph was featured on the cover of The American Folk Art Collection of Sandy and Julie Palley (January 2002), an auction catalog.

The Folk Art Eagle envelope will be issued at the Forever® rate later this year. As with Forever® stamps, the value of the postage on Forever® stamped envelopes is always equal to the value of the current First-Class Mail one-ounce rate. Stamped envelopes are available in three standard sizes: #10 regular and window, #9 regular and window, and #6-3/4 regular and window.