Happy Birthday to the “Brazilian Bombshell,” Carmen Miranda!

In this Valentine’s Day month of February we tip our hats to Carmen Miranda, who captured our hearts with her Latin charm and magnetic personality. A screen and stage sensation in the 1930s and ’40s, the “Brazilian Bombshell” appeared in 14 Hollywood musicals and recorded more than 300 songs.

Miranda’s love affairs were more with the screen and her audiences than they were with the leading men in her films. She wooed her audiences with sensual hand and arm movements, playful dancing, and her unique interpretations of Brazilian popular songs, sung in a rapid-syncopation style.

Commemorative Print Set

In the mid-1940s, America also fell in love with Miranda’s exotic signature outfits, which kicked off a new fashion trend with turbans, high platform shoes, jewelry, and clothes featured in the windows of the finest stores. Even today her outfits and persona are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Carmen Miranda is one of five performers featured on the 2011 Latin Music Legends stamp pane, which is still available to order online. You can also get that gorgeous stamp art as part of set of larger commemorative prints.

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