Bobcat Stalks into 2012 Stamp Program

Later this year, USPS will issue a one-cent stamp featuring a bobcat (Lynx rufus). A member of the feline family found across the United States, the bobcat is a medium-size cat and a proficient hunter, stalking its prey with patience and stealth.

Bobcats are found in a wide range of terrestrial environments, including mountains, forests, and deserts. Their coats can range in color from beige to brown, with dark spots and stripes. Tufts of fur on the tips of their ears and short bobbed tails help distinguish bobcats from other felines. Bobcats are mostly nocturnal and live in solitude, finding dens in caves or rocks. They mark their territory with their scent. In the wild, bobcats can live more than 12 years.

Nationally-known illustrator Nancy Stahl worked with art director Carl T. Herrman on this highly stylized design. The bobcat’s golden eyes and pink nose make a striking contrast with its fur, rendered in shades of brown.

The stamp’s date of issue has not yet been set. When it has, we will post it here.

Dolphins Make a Splash for National Wildlife Week

We are really loving National Wildlife Week around here! Today we’re focusing on the bottlenose dolphin, a marine mammal noted for its high intelligence and playful behavior. Found mainly in temperate and tropical waters, bottlenose dolphins live in groups ranging in size from two to several hundred. They can often be seen from shore and by boaters and appear to engage in play with other dolphins. Their mostly gray bodies are large and stout, with short, broad snouts. The corners of their mouths curve up, giving the appearance of a permanent smile (so cute!).

This stamp features an illustration by Nancy Stahl of a bottlenose dolphin leaping from the water. Stahl has created illustrations for several stamps, including the Dragonfly (2008) and Florida Panther (2007). She used several photographs of bottlenose dolphins as reference for the art.

The Dolphin stamp was first issued in 2009 and reprinted in 2011 (you can still order it online).