The Most Valuable Stamps In The World

What Are The Most Valuable Stamps In The World?

Stamp collecting is a hobby that a lot of people have, but some collectors are more interested in the most valuable stamps. There are rare stamps from across the globe with some being more valuable than others. Some of the most valuable stamps in the world carry a value of millions of dollars.

The British Guiana 1-Cent Magenta 1856

In 1856, the former British colony of Guiana was in urgent need of extra stamps and could not wait for any fresh stock to arrive from England. This caused the postmaster of British Guiana to ask the publishers of the newspaper in Georgetown to print an emergency issue stamp that was for local use only. This resulted in some crude designs being printed on 1 and 4 cent stamps.

The stamps were black ink on a low-quality magenta-colored paper. Each of the stamps was initiated by a post office employee as a security measure to stop any potential fraud. The short production of these stamps makes them among the rarest in the world and 2014 one of these stamps sold for $9.5 million at an auction.

Treskilling Yellow Stamp 1855

One of the most famous Swedish stamps is the Treskilling Yellow which was issued in 1855. The rarity of this stamp is due to a mistake in the printing which resulted in yellow being used instead of the usual green. There are only a few of these stamps left today. In one of the actions of these stamps, one was sold for approximately $2.2 million. The last auction of one of these stamps was closed for an undisclosed amount, but it is believed to have been $2.6 million.

The Sicilian Error Of Color 1859

The most valuable Italian stamp is the Sicilian error of color. There are several reasons for the value including the error in the color which was originally yellow, but there was a batch of blue stamps in 1859. Only 2 of these blue stamps are still known to exist, and the last auction closed at around 2.6 million dollars.

Baden 9 Kreuzer Error Stamp 1851

With only four stamps still existing, the Baden 9 Kreuzer Error stamp is the most valuable of all German stamps. The error on the stamp is the fact that it should be printed in pink, but a few sheets were printed in green. During the time of the printing, the wrong plant was used for the green paper. The last of these stamps to be sold at auction closed at $1.5 million in 2008.

The Tiflif Stamp 1857

This stamp is valuable because it was issued in the Russian Empire and is considered to be the first Russian postage stamp. There are only five preserved specimens of the stamp in existence according to the National Academy of Philately of Russia. One of these stamps was sold at an auction in 2008 for a total of approximately $700,000.

There are many valuable stamps out there, but the most valuable are generally the oldest. The age and rarity of these stamps are among the reasons why they are so valuable. Visit us at buy stamps online.

Why Are Stamps Important

Why Are Stamps Important?

A stamp is a small piece of paper with a picture on it that is stuck to a letter or package before posting it; it usually shows that the cost of sending the letter or package has been paid. They can also be defined as self-adhesive images found on the upper right corner of an envelope.

Stamps always include three important pieces which include the subject, stamp value and country of origin. The stamp value is essential as it gives the amount of money to be paid, the country’s abbreviation is included so that one can know where the letter came from and lastly the subject design gives the country’s national identity.

One of the reasons why stamps are essential is that they give a glimpse into what was considered to be significant at a particular time or place. They also show what was considered important by those in power for example in countries such as Canada stamps reflect on kings, queens, social movements and artwork.

Before the first postage stamp was invented the person receiving the mail paid for its delivery, this was not convenient as compared to having the person sending the mail to pay for it, therefore the introduction of a postage stamp brought in the aspect of having a standard cost of sending letters throughout the entire postal system.

In addition to having a desirable uniform cost, it solved the problem of a person receiving a mail which he or she had not requested for and having to pay for it.

Postage stamps are also vital because they are the simplest and most convenient way to show that the cost of delivery for a letter has been paid hence it provides evidence that the customer has paid for postal services. Therefore, a customer isn’t forced to visit the post office and pay each time to get some marking on the letter to show that the charge for its delivery has already been paid as was the practice before stamps were invented.
Since postage stamps contain a country’s national identity, the recipient of the letter can tell which country the letter came from.

The money customers spend on stamps also act as sources of revenue for post offices thus the post office can compensate the postmen and women who deliver the letters to the recipients.

Collection of stamps can also be considered to be a hobby for most people as some advantages arise from a collection of stamps. These advantages include getting a lot of money especially if one has collected unique and rare stamps such as the black penny stamp which was one of the very first stamps to be invented in the world and stamp collectors would be willing to obtain them at any given price. One can collect it and sell at a higher price. Stamps also provide educational benefits as they help one acquire a living history of their country. That’s why to this day; stamps are still used.

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