St. Louis’ Gateway Arch: A Contest

In honor of the 248th anniversary of the establishment of St. Louis, Missouri, our monthly contest centered around The Grandest Things—a breathtaking book combining stamps and the history of national parks—focuses today on the city’s most iconic structure.

The Gateway Arch, which spans 630 feet and rises to the same height, is the tallest man-made monument in the United States. Rising gracefully on the banks of the Mississippi River, architect Eero Saarinen’s Gateway Arch, completed in 1965, memorializes the country’s westward expansion. It appeared on the Wonders of America pane in 2006.

The winner of this month’s contest will receive a set of Scenic American Landscapes stamped cards. The beautiful cards showcase photographs from national parks across the country.

To enter the contest this month, simply answer the following question:

What is the name of the national park in which the Gateway Arch rests, and to which American slave does it pay tribute?

Submit your answer to uspsstamps [at] gmail [dot] com and remember, spelling counts! The winner will be selected at random and notified by email. Deadline for entries is 3 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 16. Good luck!